Q & A with the Pros

Q & A with Tim Kiely, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Prospect

RBI:  What is a typical day in the life of a pitcher in spring training?

TK:  As you can imagine, the day completely depends on whether or not we have a game later that afternoon/night but many days seem like Groundhog Day.  Many days go as follows:

6:30am: Wake up call

7:15am: Any pre-workout conditioning/weight lifting/training room treatment/etc

8:30am: On field for morning stretches and conditioning

9:00am: Throwing Program (long toss, mechanics drills, etc)

9:15am: PFP (Pitcher’s Fielding Practice) for hours on end.  Coaches really stress the importance of getting this part of the game ironed out all in the pre-season as there is very little time to improve on these skills during the season.  Pitchers will also serve as “ball shags” for when the hitters take batting practice.  This is somewhat of a downtime for the pitchers and a great time to get to know the assistant coaches, trainers, and teammates throughout the organization. 

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: If we have a game, any traveling pitchers will leave for the game and those who are staying behind will have a tee-time at one of the local golf courses, which in Arizona beats the heck out of your average New England course!

6:00pm: Usually a couple of guys will get together for some dinner either at a cheap restaurant or we’ll grab some groceries and let the 1 guy in the group who knows how to cook, cook.

9:00pm: By this time I’m pretty exhausted especially if its a hot day.  I’m usually in bed watching a movie or SportsCenter.


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