5 Obscure Items That Should Be In Every Pitcher’s Bag

Joe Breen, Director of Baseball Operations, RBI Baseball Academy (http://www.joebreenrbi.wordpress.com)

In no particular order…

1. Nail Clippers – Many pitchers rely on various pressure points on the baseball to get more movement on pitches.  So much friction is involved between the fingertips and the baseball that it is very common for pitchers to get blisters, hang nails, etc.  Keeping a handy pair of nail clippers around can definitely serve a purpose in the middle of a game.  Use your Extra Care Points at CVS!

2. Foam Roller/Marathon Stick – Used both before and after strenuous exercise, foam rollers and other soft-tissue massage tools are great ways to apply pressure to sore spots, loosen up knots, and activate muscle groups.  Here is a great article by Mike Boyle on Perform Better’s website that discusses the use of foam rollers.  Perform Better is one of the industry leaders in quality fitness equipment and a great place to purchase a foam roller.

3. Elastic Tubing – Pre- and post-throwing tubing exercises have proved to be a valuable way for pitchers to prepare the arm for overhead throwing and recovering from throwing/pitching sessions.  Check out J-Bands by Jaeger Sports as well as Oates Specialties, LLC.  At RBI we also sell the 5-Tool Resistance Ball and 5-Tool Resistance Band by Cal Ripken Jr’s Rawlings series.

4. Stretch Band/Rope – As discussed in my previous post “Incorporating Flexibility Training into your routine”, Partner Stretching and/or PNF stretching is a valuable component in gaining flexibility as well as re-gaining flexibility lost from the lop-sided act of throwing/pitching.  Using a Stretch Band or strong rope is a great way to perform PNF stretching when a partner/teammate is not available.  Check out Perform Better’s products for Stretching Aids .

5. Pearl – A “pearl” is a term used for a brand-new, pearly white baseball.  You always want to try and warm-up with a new-ish ball since that is what you’ll be using in the game.  When a baseball gets worn out, the leather tears, the seams get flat, and the ball gets a bit flat in some spots especially if its been used in numerous hitting drills/batting practice. You wouldn’t take pre-game batting practice with a 34″ bat if you plan on using a 32″ bat in the game, would you?


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