Vacation Clinic – Day 3

Day 3 was “Town Pride Day” at RBI’s April School Vacation Clinic.  Players sported t-shirts and hats that featured their town’s name.  A couple of towns were well-represented including Foxboro, North Attleboro, Franklin, Medfield, and more. 

The clinic covered some new topics including Pitching, Corner Infield Positions, Middle Infield Positions, and one of our favorite indoor games, “Homer Dome”.  Each player spent some time in the RBI Cages learning the basic mechanics of pitching and also learning some drills that players can  use to enhance their pitching technique at home.  Coaches Anzalone and Sullivan put the players through some drills on how to turn a double play as a middle infielder and worked with the corner infielders on positioning, fielding technique, and footwork around the base.

Players were excited to put their skills to good use in our “Homer Dome”  indoor base-hit game.  Each group was split up into 3 teams and competed against each other to see who could rack up the most points.  1 point was awarded for base hits that made it through the infielders, 3 points was awarded to each hit that made it through the outfielders, and teams got 5 points for any ball hit over the divider curtain.  Robert Theriault, Age 10 from Foxboro, was the only player to get a 5 pointer on the day.  The team of Sean Leonard (9, Franklin), Sam Bernstein (9, Franklin), Spencer Briggs (8, Franklin), Dom DiIorio (9, Norwood), and Tim Rose (8, Norwood) took the overall title with a winning round total of 40.

We are looking forward to an exciting end to the clinic tomorrow.  Friday is “Favorite MLB Team Day” where players will wear t-shirts and hats featuring their favorite Major League team.


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