Vacation Clinic – Day 2

Today’s topic of the day at RBI’s indoor April Vacation Clinic was “The 5 Tools of Baseball.”  Players went through various drills focusing on all 5 of the major tools that all baseball players should strive to achieve.  These are:

1. Running Speed: Director Joe Breen worked with the players on how to improve their running technique as well as learning the proper way to run out ground balls, base hits, doubles, and how to pick up the 3rd base coach when rounding 2nd.  These skills can make a player with average speed into a great base runner.

2. Arm Strength: Coaches Chris Sullivan and Vince DiIorio worked with players on building good fundamental throwing mechanics.  Players who excel at our “throwing progression” drills, typically are more accurate and are able to develop stronger arms due to their above average throwing mechanics.

3. Fielding: Coach Jerry Anzalone helped each group with learning not only the best way to catch fly balls, but how to improve their footwork in the outfield.  Many people refer to the hands as the most important body part of fielding but we like to stress the significance of the feet for both infielders and outfielders alike.  If you can’t get to the ball, you can’t use your hands. 

4. Hitting for Average: Developing a player’s eye-hand coordination and shortening their swing will help a player increase their batting average and cut down on strike-outs.  Hitting Coaches Keith Brouillard, Dom Amado, Matt Giusti, and John Sweeney implemented drills like tee-work and soft toss to stress the importance of hitting for average.

5. Hitting for Power: Our hitting coaches also worked with players on how to improve bat speed and engaging the hips throughout the swing to get some more pop off the bat.  Stressing a downhill path to the ball also improves both average and power as it cuts down the time from the start of the swing to contact. 

Tomorrow, Thursday is “Town Pride” Day as players are encouraged to wear shirts/hats supporting their town.


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