RBI Hawks 13U Completes First Weekend in Action

April 28, 2010

Saturday, April 24th and Sunday, April 25th of 2010 will go down as the first ever weekend of RBI Hawk Travel Baseball.  Our 13U team kicked off both their Division and Non-Division Schedule.  While the team ended up 1-3, Coaches Pete Olsen and Kevin Vartian saw some real positive things to build on.  Defense (or lack there of) played a huge role in the team’s losses over the weekend but some very clutch performances at the plate and on the mound allowed the team to pick up the first “W” in RBI Hawks history, a 7-6 victory over the Hit Doctor Diamonds. 

We look forward to this weekend’s upcoming games and will update the blog with info on those results as soon as possible!


No winners in this week’s RBI Champions Contest…2 FREE LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE FOR THIS WEEK!

April 28, 2010

There was a tie for RBI this week in the MLB.  Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers and Kendry Morales of the LA Angels each had 10 RBI from 4/20-4/26.  Unfortunately, no one in the contest picked either of these sluggers.  The good news is that there are 2 Lessons at stake this week!  Remember, picks must be in by 5:00pm each Monday night, and the week will begin each Tuesday.  Good Luck!!

Email Vince DiIorio at vince@rbiacademy.com to learn more or register for next week’s contest!

Vacation Clinic Wrap-Up

April 23, 2010

Today was the final day for RBI’s April Vacation Clinics.  Players wore t-shirts and hats from their favorite MLB Teams.  As you can imagine the Red Sox were well represented but it was great to see some other teams represented as well.  The hated Yankees definitely had some fans in the crowd as well as the Cardinals, Giants, Phillies, Mets, and more. 

We wrapped up the week by bringing out the player’s competitive edge with various skills competitions including gold glove, speed around the bases, line-drive games, and a live coach-pitch baseball game on the basketball court.  There was a great comeback victory in our 3rd and final game of the day.  Down 7 points with only a few batters to go, the team of Michael Silveira (9, North Attleboro), Josh Montague (9, North Attleboro), Reece Rappoli (8, Foxboro), Corey Carter (8, Sharon), Tyler Cashton (8, Sharon), and Davis Miller (8, Sharon) put together quite the hitting display and ended up winning by 6 points. 

RBI’s staff would like to thank all the  players who came out this week and worked hard to improve their skills.  We wish all of you the best of luck on the diamond this spring and look forward to seeing you this summer at one of our Summer Day Camps in Mansfield, Foxboro, Easton, and Norwood or at the Jason Varitek & Dustin Pedroia Summer Camp at Stonehill College in North Easton, MA.

Vacation Clinic – Day 3

April 22, 2010

Day 3 was “Town Pride Day” at RBI’s April School Vacation Clinic.  Players sported t-shirts and hats that featured their town’s name.  A couple of towns were well-represented including Foxboro, North Attleboro, Franklin, Medfield, and more. 

The clinic covered some new topics including Pitching, Corner Infield Positions, Middle Infield Positions, and one of our favorite indoor games, “Homer Dome”.  Each player spent some time in the RBI Cages learning the basic mechanics of pitching and also learning some drills that players can  use to enhance their pitching technique at home.  Coaches Anzalone and Sullivan put the players through some drills on how to turn a double play as a middle infielder and worked with the corner infielders on positioning, fielding technique, and footwork around the base.

Players were excited to put their skills to good use in our “Homer Dome”  indoor base-hit game.  Each group was split up into 3 teams and competed against each other to see who could rack up the most points.  1 point was awarded for base hits that made it through the infielders, 3 points was awarded to each hit that made it through the outfielders, and teams got 5 points for any ball hit over the divider curtain.  Robert Theriault, Age 10 from Foxboro, was the only player to get a 5 pointer on the day.  The team of Sean Leonard (9, Franklin), Sam Bernstein (9, Franklin), Spencer Briggs (8, Franklin), Dom DiIorio (9, Norwood), and Tim Rose (8, Norwood) took the overall title with a winning round total of 40.

We are looking forward to an exciting end to the clinic tomorrow.  Friday is “Favorite MLB Team Day” where players will wear t-shirts and hats featuring their favorite Major League team.

Vacation Clinic – Day 2

April 21, 2010

Today’s topic of the day at RBI’s indoor April Vacation Clinic was “The 5 Tools of Baseball.”  Players went through various drills focusing on all 5 of the major tools that all baseball players should strive to achieve.  These are:

1. Running Speed: Director Joe Breen worked with the players on how to improve their running technique as well as learning the proper way to run out ground balls, base hits, doubles, and how to pick up the 3rd base coach when rounding 2nd.  These skills can make a player with average speed into a great base runner.

2. Arm Strength: Coaches Chris Sullivan and Vince DiIorio worked with players on building good fundamental throwing mechanics.  Players who excel at our “throwing progression” drills, typically are more accurate and are able to develop stronger arms due to their above average throwing mechanics.

3. Fielding: Coach Jerry Anzalone helped each group with learning not only the best way to catch fly balls, but how to improve their footwork in the outfield.  Many people refer to the hands as the most important body part of fielding but we like to stress the significance of the feet for both infielders and outfielders alike.  If you can’t get to the ball, you can’t use your hands. 

4. Hitting for Average: Developing a player’s eye-hand coordination and shortening their swing will help a player increase their batting average and cut down on strike-outs.  Hitting Coaches Keith Brouillard, Dom Amado, Matt Giusti, and John Sweeney implemented drills like tee-work and soft toss to stress the importance of hitting for average.

5. Hitting for Power: Our hitting coaches also worked with players on how to improve bat speed and engaging the hips throughout the swing to get some more pop off the bat.  Stressing a downhill path to the ball also improves both average and power as it cuts down the time from the start of the swing to contact. 

Tomorrow, Thursday is “Town Pride” Day as players are encouraged to wear shirts/hats supporting their town.

Vacation Clinics Kick-Off

April 20, 2010

A total of 80 players from all over southern Massachusetts came out for RBI’s April School Vacation Clinics at RBI and at Norton’s Burchill Complex.  The indoor clinic at RBI featured just over 60 kids ages 7-12 and the outdoor 12U Clinic had just under 20 players mainly from Norton and Foxboro. 

The clinics featured some of RBI’s top instructional coaches including

Jerry Anzalone (RBI Instructor & Head Start Program Director)

Dom Amado (Assistant Coach at Whitman-Hanson High School)

Vince DiIorio (former Mount Ida College player)

Matt Giusti (former All-Region player at Stonehill College, one week removed from his first professional season in Australia)

Keith Brouillard (former All-Region player at Franklin Pierce University and current 15U RBI Hawks Head Coach)

Pete Olsen (former All-Conference infielder at Rhode Island College and current 13U RBI Hawks Head Coach)

Players worked on various skills including hitting, throwing mechanics, and fielding technique.  The coaches will be looking to progress the players over the final 3 days of the clinic and help prepare each player for the upcoming baseball season. 

Check back in soon for more on the final days of the clinics!

RBI Champion Contest Rules

April 9, 2010

The 2010 RBI CHAMPION CONTEST rules and information:

Join our 2010 RBI Champion Contest today for a chance to win a FREE lesson EVERY WEEK!!  Join for FREE today and you will have 24 chances to win a FREE LESSON.  You will also have a chance to win our GRAND PRIZE of YOUR CHOICE OF BAT OR GLOVE FROM OUR PRO SHOP!!  All you have to do is correctly predict who will lead the MLB in RBI’s for that week. 

The object of this contest is to correctly pick who will lead Major League Baseball in RBI’s for the upcoming week.  The RBI Champion contest week will run from Tuesday – Monday.  Each entry will submit the player they believe will lead the majors in RBI’s.  Each entry will also submit a tie breaking score in the event of a tie, this will be the number of RBI’s you think the player will have for that week.  Each week you can choose a new player or stick with the same player, you choose!  Rules and Details for this contest are as follows:

  • Entries must be emailed to vince@rbiacademy.com by 5:00pm each Monday to be registered for the upcoming week which will start on Tuesday.
  • To properly register for the contest your email must include entrant’s name, entrant’s date of birth, weekly pick, and tie breaker (how many RBI’s you think that player will collect for that week).
  • Contest week runs Tuesday – Monday.
  • Eligible participants must be between the ages of 5-18
  • Only one entry per eligible participant
  • A parent or guardian may register for an eligible participant.
  • Winner must correctly pick the Major League Player that leads the league in RBI’s.
  • If the Major League player that leads the league in RBI’s is not picked by any entry, that week’s lesson will carry over to the next week (maximum of 3 weeks).
  • If there is a tie for the Major League lead in RBI for that week, the tiebreaker for the contest will still be used for all qualifying correct predictions. 
  • If there is still a tie after the tiebreaker has been scored, all qualifying winners will enter a raffle to determine that weeks’ winner if there are more than 2 winners.  If only two, then both will win a lesson.
  • Winner for each week will be announced on the RBI Baseball Academy blog located at www.RBIACADEMY.com as well as being emailed to all registered participants.
  • All free lessons must be used by December 31st, 2010.
  • If an entry does not submit a pick for a week, they will not be eliminated from the contest and may submit a pick for the following week.
  • Contestants may join at any point throughout the season.
  • The last week for this contest will begin Septemer 28th, 2010. 
  • See below for GRAND PRIZE information.
  • And check back in September for our Playoff Contest!
Each weekly winner will be entered into a raffle at the end of the year for the item of your choice out of our pro-shop inventory.  Choose from any of our bats including the Demarini CF4, the Easton Stealth, The TPX Exo-Grid, an A2K Wilson Glove, a Rawlings ProPreffered glove, and many, many more!!!!  The maximum value could be up to $400!!!  Grand prize will be drawn on October 15th, 2010.